Seven Common Mistakes to Avoid When Composing Music

Mistakes when composing music

You listen to music every day. It is a habit in your life. In my opinion, listening to music is a great habit to relax our mind effectively. Normally, we only pay attention to the lyrics of the songs. We think it is a good song with the good content which you feel. However, with the composers, it is a long process to compose a new song. Sometimes, many composers must take a lot of time to finish a song. They want to have a perfect song both the form and the content. Perhaps, a new song is a very great success of a composer. But other composers still detect some weaknesses in a song. This is very easy to understand because they have the plenty of knowledge and experience for evaluating. Thus, all composers need to avoid some common mistakes when composing music. In this article, I have a brief introduction to mention 7 mistakes. This information is very necessary and useful for many composers. I hope that you will know what mistakes

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Composing Music

You think that you do not need to read some mistakes to compose music. How to learn music composition is more important than the common mistakes. It is a wrong thinking. In fact, you are very difficult to know your mistakes. Normally, the composing music will follow the right rules and the theory. However, it is very useful to know some common mistakes. They will help you save a lot of time to get the silly errors. Therefore, 7 following common mistakes play an important role. And they are as a list for your checking after you complete a new song. Now, you can look at them as follows:

1. No Have The Special Difference Between The Verse And Chorus Lyrics

The verse and chorus lyric

Surely, most of the song will include the verse part and the chorus part. The composer often mentions the people and the situation in the verse. And in the chorus lyrics, the composer will describe emotions as well as the reactions. This is the popular rule which many composers follow. You can see that the emotion will focus on the strongest in the chorus lyrics. The songwriters want to create the strong impression when the listeners hear the chorus part.

2. No Determine The Harmony Between The Sense And The Target in The Song

After finish a new song, it is a great minute to relax in the mind. But you need to check again the sense and target. The song must have the harmony and add together. Although you are writing some complex things you should provide the particular sense. From there, you will use the suitable tonic chord. Hearing the end of the song, you must make sure that the listeners have to understand what you want to mention. Moreover, both the sense and the target must have the harmony. To do it, the songwriters must determine two elements and combine them together during a song.

3. No Have The Unique

No have the unique

You know all necessary principles to write a new song. Your songs become very boring to listen. Even, the people just listen to that song for the first time. And then, they do not want to hear again. This is a key reason to lack the unique in the song. I will give an example for you:

  • You do not make a strong difference the melody in the chorus and the verse. Instead, you only use the same pitch. The audiences do not find the unique in the content. It is your failure;
  • Beyond that, it is also necessary to change the notes. If you set from 4 or 5 notes in the songs it will be very short sound. In addition, this also becomes boring to hear. Thus, it is better to change notes to have the unique.

4. No Invest Song’s Instrumentation

As you know, the musical instruments contribute the big success for the composers. Sometimes, each song will need a special musical instrument to create the wonderful elements. It is enough. However, in many cases, you must combine the different types of the song’s instrumentation. You can not fully explore the tone of the song. Normally, the composers will invest the common musical instruments such as guitar, strings, fiddle, and violin. Also, they also want to have the best wireless earbuds to check the sound. This device is more convenient than the headphones.

The instrumentations for music composition

5. No Note The Form of The Song

The content will express what you want to give. And the structure of the song will make it create the sense in the music. Two things are the important factors which the composers must pay attention to a lot. To create the unique, you use the arbitrary form. The listeners will be difficult to know. Sometimes, they can not find out the unique and the contents of the songs. Therefore, when composing a new song, the songwriters need to note the structure of the song.

6. No Use The Various Songwriting Formula

You have a song which it is very great to hear. Many audiences love it. It is your success. So you compose a new song which its sound seems the same. You use the same instruments and the songwriting formula. It is a mistake which you should avoid immediately. In fact, it can affect the quality of your previous song. The listeners feel bored to hear. Even, they are very comfortable to enjoy. The best solution is to use the various songwriting formula for the new songs.

7. No Exist A Climactic Moment

Your songs will have the several opportunities to reach to the top when it has a climatic moment. It means that it has the special melodic shape in the last chorus. Or you can choose the suitable position to add the climatic moment. The listeners will feel very excited and comfortable to enjoy this part. They can remember it after just hear for the first time. The climatic moment is always to make a strong impression. Moreover, it is too different from other parts.

In conclusion, composing music is not a simple job. Besides, you have the passion. You also need to have the knowledge to compose. How to compose and how to avoid the mistakes during composing are the essential knowledge to know. 7 common mistakes above are important. I hope that they are the useful information for you. To have the successful song, you should avoid these mistakes.

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