Choosing Record Player For Composer – A Task Of Challenge?

People always say that turntable and record players are for elder people and professional DJs since they can only play vinyl records, but there is a fact that people are buying these devices more and more recently. The revenue has soared up to 50% in just 6 months of 2016, and it marked an amazing comeback of vinyl records and record players. No wonder why composers want to look for one to get their inspiration and motivation from those songs perfectly played by a good sounding device like the record players.

However, choosing a good record player by just looking at record player reviews are like finding a needle in a haystack since they are all retailers’ words. That’s the reason why people should only believe in professionals who worked with these devices for a long amount of time. In fact, if you don’t know one, this guide is for you – people who want to buy record players to go further in their career as a music composer.

Below are some simple steps you should consider when doing a selection of record player for your office or your music room.

Step 1: Determine the Price Range

Similar to other types of musical instrument and device, the turntable and record player can have so many price ranges according to their functions and appearances. You can be quite shocked to know that some of them can cost you more than your house and your car, while others are relatively cheap. That’s why the first thing you need to consider is your budget. In fact, with the appropriate price range, you can actually narrow down the price range and have more positive choices without worrying about overspending. If you are lucky enough, you might find some products that are better than their real prices.

If you are looking for a record player to listen to and decorate your room, you might want to take a look at vintage stores since they have plenty of them at cheap prices. However, if those vintage models can cope with your modern life and you don’t think that could work, online stores will welcome you all the time with their newly made products. However, the fees might be a little higher and you can’t see the players for yourself. So be careful and choose wisely. According to my experience, the best record players can be found at a price of about $100 and above.

Choosing the right kind of tonearm

Step 2: Choose the Right Kind of Drive for Your Record Player

Basically, we have two choices for the record player drive: belt drive and direct drive. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The motor can be directly attached to the platter of the player or connected through the belt. Therefore, it’s a really important choice when thinking of buying a record player.

  • With audiophiles, they prefer using belt drive record players because of the benefits. All the shocks and damages when operating will be absorbed by the rubber belt so that you can have a record player with stability and high quality of sound which is not being interrupted by spinning problems.
  • With DJs, they really like using direct drive turntables since the platter is more flexible to do some tricks with and can be varied in spinning speed.

As a composer, according to your purposes, you should take a look at both kinds and see if you are using the record player just to listen to music or something else.

Step 3: Automatic or Manual?

When mentioning about record players, we should know about 2 main types: automatic and manual device. They are classified by the operation of the tone arm.

  • If you want to use a manual record player, the tone arm must be lifted and placed on the record by your hand and sometimes it might not be good if you leave some scratches on the surface. However, the needle can be placed anywhere, so it’s better for you if you want to choose a certain song out of an album. Moreover, the tone arm has fewer parts which cause it to be less vibrated and more stable.
  • Using automatic record player enables you to play music automatically with the tone arm being lifted by pushing a button. In fact, it is quite suitable for people who are away from the device and people who need to do something else apart from listening to music only.

Music composers need to listen to music while working to find some motivation as well as come up with some cool ideas, but sometimes you need to work with a part of a song over and over again. Therefore, it makes sense using one of these kinds. Your choice then may depend on the next factor.

Step 4: Built – In Additional Features

With many people, the record player is not only a music player device but also a better tool for music convert and decoration. If you are in need of something fancy to be the highlight of your music room, a record player with vintage-style or modern style would be perfect. Of course, this factor just accounts for about 15% of your decision, but it is still needed to take into the estimation.

Additionally, viewing some features added to the device is really vital to see whether the price of the device is appropriate or not. Some of them have USB connection and some don’t. The problem is the same with the line – in and line – out as well as plug – and – play features. Sometimes it would be handy if your record player can be portable as a suitcase.

As a music composer, using a record player for your work is quite essential since with the help of it, your music can be played in better quality and you can have more ideas to work with. On a whole, if you need any further information and assistance, you can go to my website about record player. I’m happy to help all the time.

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