Important Tips to Compose A Piece of Music

Important tips to compose a piece of music

Many people like music. They have the skills to sing very well although they are not the singer. There are many types of the music such as lyrical music, rock, classical music, music for dancing… our life. Some people can not sing. But they can listen to music for their entertainment purposes. From there, we can see that music plays an important role in the human’s spiritual life. However, few people pay attention to how to compose a piece of music. They often note its products or their singers. If you love music you should learn more information about this field. I believe that you will get some exciting knowledge. In this article, I will share the essential tips to compose a piece of music. I hope that many people also want to know the contribution of the composer in a song. Especially, this writing will provide the basic things for new composers in the future. They can get more experience as well as the necessary elements to create a product of the music.

Having the contribution of the composers in all songs

Need to Have Initial Preparation Carefully

It is very necessary to have an idea to do some things. This will help you have the clear direction for your work. You will prepare everything carefully. Here are the important suggestions which you should know to compose the songs;

Considering Your Purpose

Before beginning to compose a song, you need to consider its purpose. You need to answer two questions. They are what purpose of the songs and what type of the songs. From there, you will make a plan for your work:

  • There are many ways to combine the lyric into a song. Normally, the composer will write the lyrics firstly. Then, he will set music to. All of them will depend on both your idea and your style. However, after having the combination, you must sure that your piece of music contains your emotion in it. Also, it is also suitable for your lyrics which you are writing;
  • Additionally, you must prepare some types of instrumental music. They are indispensable for your work. In fact, the appropriate instruments and music styles will be the important things to create your ideas and the necessary mood.

What Instruments for Composing

Using some musical instruments to support for composing

You focus on the mind to compose a song. Its content is very great. However, it will be better if you add a little sound. It means you should prepare the suitable instruments. According to the comments of the composers, they said that guitar and piano are two necessary instruments. Sometimes, they also need the strings or band instruments to support.

Preparing The Documentation

Surely, you will write the lyrics on the documentation. It is the best way. Although you are confident with your memory to remember many things you can keep them in your mind. By this way, you can forget something. This method is not encouraged to apply.

Creating A Basic Structure And Form

You have some ideas to compose a song. The tune is the essential factor. You need to build a structure and form. You can base on them to write the lyrics easily. On the other hands, you can begin a chord progression. A series of the chords will create the overall feeling of your song.

Next factors to compose a new song are the hook and riff. In a song, there are the series of the lines. You must make a hook. It is a memorable line. It is very typical in your song. The listener will remember after a singer sings. This also contributes to creating the exciting lyrics. A riff is the same. It is a memorable instrumental piece and separates from the melody.

Adding The Lyrics

Adding the lyrics to music

You prepare very thing. Now, you can add the lyrics for your song. At that time, you should work with a lyricist. He is your friend who has the experience about music or a professional. This depends on what you want to achieve. These people will put the words to your songs when you wrote it. Or they can give some useful advice when you begin to add the lyrics. A right choice is to ensure their lyrics matching with your song. You can combine their style, the feeling, and the contents of the song. All of them must associate each other.

In some cases, you also can write the lyrics yourself. You should do it to avoid taking your time with the lyricist. But you need to have enough skills and experience. You are confident to overcome all mistakes and silly sounds in your songs;

Especially, after writing the lyrics, you can try to sing. You will evaluate the natural sounds with the melody. It should not have the strange pauses or the mismatched syllables.

Adding The Existing Words to Music

Adding the existing words to music and adjust something

This is the most important step. Because you will make your product become more meaning. It is a famous song in the future or not. Besides, the audiences are able to recognize your real emotion through words in music. Some notes are to have when you add the existing words:

  • Firstly, you should find the natural rhythm of the words. The words must fit together. They must contain the pause, emphasis, and rhythm. Try to invest the natural sound and the natural rhythm in your song;
  • Moreover, you want to make a strong feeling to the listeners. You can break up a phrase which it is the typical words of the song. You can find a new good idea. Of course, your song is improved significantly;
  • Beyond that, you can eliminate the unnecessary words. You think that they are reasons to affect the meaning of the phase. At this time, you can arrange everything to have a complete content.
  • Finally, you need time to consider all. You can sing yourself to feel the smooth. Or you can write down and ask some people sing. You will listen and feel.

In conclusion, composing a piece of a song is not simple. You need to have the skills. However, during composing, you will have some mistakes. After improving them, you will get more useful experience for the next songs. However, these tips in this article are the basic knowledge to compose a song for the composers. If you are the passion for creating a new song you can base on these tips. I think you will do your work to become easily. Hope you be successful!

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