How to Start Composing New Song for The Beginners

How to start composing a new song for the beginners

You are the beginner to write a new song. Perhaps, this is a difficult task. There are many elements for consideration such as melody, harmony, and rhythm. Where will you start? This is a common question for a new composer. Many people having a lot of experience will follow their methods. At that time, they just pay attention to the inspiration and some strange adjustment. They can create a special song. But, you need to invest many things to writing music for the first time. The musical instruments are indispensable for composing. Beyond that, the composers sometimes use the software. You will spend a big budget to buy the good software. They will write a song on the computer programs. You have more information to writing music when reading this writing. Now, I can suggest some ways to start composing a new song for the beginners. If you are a new composer I believe that this article is very useful for you.

Some Necessary Things

Surely, you can not compose a song without some necessary things. Besides, you can give the good ideas for your song. You also need the equipment. They can support for your job too much. I make a list to show the things which you must prepare:

  • You need to have something to re-write your ideas. Your emotion about music only comes in few minutes. So, you should record it. Normally, the composer often uses a cassette tape recorder or mini-disc recorder;
  • In addition, you will write the music on the paper. It is better to have a small notebook. You also combine with the pencil to write something on it;
  • Also, depending on your skill, you can choose some types of the musical instruments. They are very important. You can choose one or some.
  • Finally, a microphone will help you sing your song after it is completed. 

Need to have these things for composing a new song

Having The Preparation

To writing music, the inspiration is the important factor. You can find it by listening to some favorite songs. You need to understand the questions as follows:

  • How many contrasting sections are there in that song?
  • How long for each section is there?
  • The pitches in the melody are repeated or not?
  • How about the repeat of the rhythm of the melody?
  • Do you recognize the mood of the composer through the song which you just enjoy?

After that, you will write down your thoughts on a notebook. You can use them in the future.

7 Steps to Compose A New Song for The Beginners

The professional composers will write the music easier than the new one. In fact, they create a lot of songs. They got the experience during their composing. Thus, they can skip some steps. The steps are not too important to write the music. But 7 following steps will be extremely useful for the beginners.

Step 1: Determining The Style of Your Music

There are many styles of the music. They include the classical music, rock, jazz, or folk music. Each type will have some distinct features. Therefore, you need to choose the musical genre. It must be suitable your style. Surely, both the mood and the tempo are also different. You write down all initial direction to composing. Basing on this direction, you will add the lyrics later. I also advise that the new composers should choose the piano and the classical style. Besides, you also try to choose the happy mood and a medium tempo.

What types of the music for your choice?

Step 2: Deciding The Form For Your First Song

Looking at the musical compositions, they often have two main sections. They are the repeating sections and the contrasting sections. They are considered the common form. How about the form for your first song? You can have the different ideas to make your form. In the case, you choose jazz for your style. You should follow the form of jazz standards. However, you also can adjust some things. You make the difference for your composing. According to the experts, you should not make everything become too complex. The simplicity is good.

Step 3: Creating Your Ideas

Your ideas can write on the paper. Using the tape recorder or the minidisc is also a good idea. After having some inspiration, you should use the musical instruments as well as your voice. You sing a little melody as what you think. You do this at least 10 minutes until you feel satisfied.

Step 4: Making Your First Musical Motif

Now, you will listen again what you recorded. You will have the adjustment to develop for your music. You should create the first chord progression of the song. You can insert the lyrics of the jazz tune for your rock song. Do not make it too long and too complex. They will become the first musical motif. Instead, you should choose the melodic ideas. On the other hands, you should develop the motif on the musical instruments.

Step 5: Changing The Motif

To have a special song, you should change the motif. There are a lot of options for you. You can repeat it, cut the words, or extend it. By this way, you are creating the difference of the musical motif from your motif.

Step 6: Designing The Contrasting Section

It is easy to create a contrasting section in your song. It is different from the original motif. At that time, you can think of the different rhythm. Of course, in the contrasting section, its content will have the different mood.

Step 7: Bringing It All Together


Making the combination and adjusting until you are satisfied

All compositional process will combine each other. They include some sections. It is important that you should combine them in your piece smoothly. You can check your initial ideas. At this point, you can change anything as your opinion. With the harmony parts, you can use the different musical instruments. I believe that you will finish your first song greatly.

 In summary, a beginner for composing needs to get the plenty of the knowledge. I am sure that it is not easy to have the special song with the listener. However, it will be very special to you. From here, you will know what you do to compose a song. This article is not only to provide the knowledge but also to mention the detailed steps. You will have the necessary information for your composing. I hope that a new composer will find out the good ideas to create a new song.

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