How to Prepare for Learning Music Composition

How to prepare some things for learning the music composition

To compose a song, it is not easy. Normally, you must prepare a lot of necessary experience for your composing. This is a long process to get the technique. In addition, you also have the feelings about music. It is very important because your content song will show this clearly. Although it is difficult to compose many people have the passion. They can overcome. They are willing to prepare all for learning music composition. If you need this information you can refer to the valuable things in this writing. I will discuss what you need to prepare for composing and the useful advice. I think that they are the important knowledge for you.

How to Prepare for Learning Music Composition

To help you have the basis when starting something, you need to know the basic elements. They are considered the foundation. You will follow them step by step. Of course, you will get the success easily when you base on the right knowledge. Looking at some suggestions below:

  1. Playing Some Musical Instruments

Some typical musical instruments such as piano, guitar, and flute

Can you play the musical instruments? This is the first question which you should say “yes”. Surely, any composers can play some musical instruments. These types of equipment will support a lot during composing. If you have the skill to use a lot of instruments it is good. In some case, you can not. You should study to play some common musical instruments.  Piano, guitar, and flute are the typical example. After writing the lyrics of the songs, you will add the existing words for your songs. At this time, you insert a little music from your musical instruments. You will change if necessary. Playing some musical instruments is one of the big advantages for learning music composition.

  1. Studying The Theory


Need to find out the knowledge about the music theory

You will have a lot of difficulties for composing without the theory. It means you do not know how to begin, how to make a new song in the right way. What can you study the theory? There are some typical examples as follows:

  • The music theory will guide you have some basic principles. All of the theory backgrounds are very helpful. In this theory, it will provide the structure to compose a song;
  • Moreover, the music theory will give three basic things in music composition. They include the solfège, the harmony, and the composition. They are also the technical issues that the composer must know;
  • Beyond that, you will find out the source of inspiration for composing. A lot of different documentaries will contain the sensitive soul with the around life.
  • Finally, each musical genre will need every musical instrument. Sometimes, it needs to combine some. Why do you know this? The music theory will suggest. So, you should remember to study the theory before composing a new song, right!
  1. You Can Sing

Should sing again what you just write down

You are not a singer. You are only a composer for a song. However, singing is a basic form of the musical expression. You can not sing well as a singer. You can sing to adjust some things for your songs. And you will inspire yourself to the content songs. From there, the listeners can feel what you want to give your song. Thus, singing is an advantage for the composer.

Four Tips for Who Is Preparing Composition

You are a young composer. You have a little experience about this job. You can need some useful advice. Through them, you will get a good knowledge. Especially, you can improve your wrong thinking effectively. I will mention four tips which all composers should know:

  1. Simple Is Good

The old songs were the famous songs. They often had the simple words, the simple melody, and the simple rhythm. Also, you can remember the content songs easily. They are also easy to sing and easy to understand. It means that you should not compose the songs which they are complex for singers and for listeners. You should not use the trouble words. The song contains a lot of high tones. Then, they slow down suddenly. This will make a difficulty of the singer. Of course, the singer can not perform your song well. It is better to know that the simplicity is a good choice for your new composition.

  1. Finding Ways to Make Other People Like Your Song

It is easy to say but difficult to do with all new composers. Normally, finding a new rhythm will make many people can remember the song. They can sing some sentences of your music. However, they will forget soon. In fact, you should make the combination the common sentences and the special rhythm. The listeners will feel very exciting to enjoy your song. At that time, other people like what you do too much.

  1. Finding Ways to Make The Listeners Be Thrilling

Actually, the content of the songs are the short stories. They include the sad, happy, funny stories. Many people can like the song too much. Moreover, the playful activities can also be the good ideas for your new songs. You are only successful when listeners can make the listeners be thrilling.

  1. Protecting What You Will Compose


Try to complete your songs when it has some interruption

While you are composing a song, anyone can have some obstacles. They can be losing your letters and some problem for your life. You can not complete your product on time. But you have to keep the determination. You will continue it at any time. Do not waste the unfinished ideas. You should protect what you will compose until the song is completed.

In short, you are learning to compose a song. You need to know how to prepare some things. I guess that you should learn how to prepare and the useful tips to preparing the music composition. They will help you have a clear direction in this article. You will get more information about composing a new song.  Hope you find a good method to compose.

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