How to Compose A Song without Using The Musical Instruments

How to compose a song without using the musical instruments

Normally, all composers must use some types of the musical instruments to compose. They are important to complete a new song. Actually, a composer often uses many different musical instruments. Of course, their prices are also expensive to buy. In some cases, you can not invest all musical instruments for your new song. You must accept to compose a song which it does not use any instruments. Many composers can do this. Surely, they have some tips. There are a lot of techniques. I will share 5 basic steps. I hope that this article will bring the great suggestions for you.

Composing A Song without Using The Musical Instruments

These following tips are the great news for those who are not enough money to buy the musical instruments. Although the instruments are very necessary for your composing you can compose without them. Do you believe this? 5 essential steps are the real evidence for this.

  1. Write A Working Title

The title of a song is important. You can focus on what you will write about. The working title is considered the main topic for your subject. In fact, the composer also can change the title after he completes his song. Basically, it is a small changing. After you write a title you can become more confident to have the continuous writing.

Thinking to write the working title for a new song

  1. To Rhyme Or Not to Rhyme?

To compose a new song, most of the composers also follow the principles. Sometimes, they can break these rules but it is not to change too much. There are two options for you. You like to rhyme or not to rhyme. A general rule is if you can rhyme then you can. In the case, you can not rhyme then you can not. You will understand more when looking at the following explanations:

  • In the first situation, you want to force the sound having the rhyme together. You need to note their lyric. They should have the lyric rhyming;
  • For the second case, all lyrics for your songs do not follow a general rule. You do not care for the later parts.
  • Especially, you can try to near rhymes. It means that it does not rhyme exactly. For example, you want to practice rhyming vowels sound. At that time, you only find the vowels which they are the same sounds. Your lyrics become more natural.
  1. Sing It into A Tape Recorder

Until this step, you have written the lyrics for a new song. You should consider again what you want in your songs. It is fast or slow. You try to find out the right sound for your song. By anyways, you insert the music into the song. You can sing or you ask some people who can help you. Of course, you should sing it into a tape recorder.

To get the high record, you should remember the song in your mind. Before starting record, you must practice it a lot of times. You feel more confident and remember everything. You can click Record and begin singing. With using a tape recorder, you can evaluate the melody, the words, and the rhythm in your new song.

Should sing the song into a tape recorder

  1. Let It Sit And Then Edit

In this step, it seems pointless with the new composers. They have no experience about the music composition. After you feel satisfied what you did your new song. You will think that it is OK. It means you have just finished a song. But you should let it sit for two or three days. Now you will listen to this song again in the tape recorder. Normally, you will detect some mistakes and you want to edit it. Especially, you can edit many times for your song. Thus, you should repeat step 3 and step 4 until your song becomes more perfect.

  1. Complete A Song And Repair The Final Draft

You feel that your song is better. You should make a final draft. You are sure that this draft is the best of the best. There are two reasons for this recording.

  • Firstly, you will send a copy to the copyright office. You want to get Form PA. It means they will consider and allow the circulation of songs.
  • Secondly, you can send this copy to the artist and the record labels. They are the professional with a lot of knowledge. They will give some valuable comments for you. But you always remember to send the copy not the original, right!

Some Notes to Compose without The Musical Instruments

The composers will have some difficulties when composing a song without the musical instruments. To overcome this, you should forget it. You should focus on what you have. Here are some notes which you need to know:

  • You should not take too seriously the importance of the musical instruments. This can affect your thoughts during composing. Forget it because many famous composers of many centuries ago only worked with a pencil and ruler;

Working with the pencil and ruler to create a new song

  • In additional, you can use the modern notation software. Finale or Sibelius is a great suggestion for you. It is not only convenient but also faster to compose;
  • Moreover, you do not forget to learn some theory about writing music. The information is on the internet. You will get more experience to compose;
  • Beyond that, the composers must get acquainted with chords, rhythm, and some things like that. By this way, you can improve the quality of the song although you do not use any musical instruments.
  • Finally, you should listen closely to the individual parts of the music. You will learn how these inner parts are created. They are the good sample for your imitation when you start to compose. The most necessary thing to compose is your mind.

In conclusion, writing music without the musical instruments is an exciting topic for the composer. You have the special skills to compose a new song. You can try immediately. You do not care that you do not have any musical instruments. Do not depend on them too much. You can create a good song with your ability. You should think the musical instruments are only to support your composing process. Hope that you are enough confident to write music after reading this article.

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